Aquaculture​ & aquaponics & RAS

Environment-friendly aquaculture, aquaponics and RAS can meet the rising demand for seafood, fish and plant products, driven by population growth, need for better quality nutrition and alternatives for red meat production.

Our mission is to increase the amount of available and healthy food. And these innovative animal breeding and plant cultivation systems allow to provide high-quality fish and fresh and nutritious vegetables, greens and herbs grown on natural fertilizers.

Algae are a particularly important ingredient in our recipe for a better tomorrow. The main process innovation in our projects is the use of RAS for the cultivation of algae biomass and the overproduction of biologically active compounds.

To grow algae, we use post-culture water obtained from RAS systems where saltwater crustaceans and molluscs are bred. This water is enriched with metabolic products of aquatic animals, which constitute an excellent natural fertilizer for the cultivation of algae, reducing the need for water changes in the animal system, and therefore water consumption in accordance with the idea of the Blue Economy and the Circular Economy.