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Biorefining is the processing of biomass into a spectrum of marketable products and bioenergy. A process innovation on a global scale in our projects is the use of cascade biorefining for the production of e.g. polysaccharides, proteins and biostimulants.


Environment-friendly aquaculture, aquaponics and RAS can meet the rising demand for seafood, fish and plant products, driven by population growth, need for better quality nutrition and alternatives for red meat production.

Urban living labs

At the heart of Sustainable Development lies a critical nexus involving water, food, and energy. The Urban Aquaponics Farm is example of combining these components.
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We do change

…the food production system

...the world to prevent
civilization diseases

...the way of thinking
through education

You expect vision, knowledge and experience.

We do deliver

Our vision

Through our projects, WE DO effectively strive to be a pioneer and leader of the food transformation in Poland and a leading expert in the world.

Our mission

We use our knowledge, experience and resources to improve the quality of life for both people and the planet, by focusing on increasing the amount of healthy and available food.

Our strategy

By engaging in science, execution and education, WE DO meet the needs of a growing population, contribute to the development of new, sustainable solutions and create opportunities for innovative business ventures.

We do science

The H2O-SCITECH team

is made up of people not only passionate, but also full of extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition, biotechnology, chemistry, electronics, mechanics and IT. Our team is interdisciplinary, so each member brings a wealth of knowledge and skills in his or her field of expertise.

We are proud

that the basis of our actions is knowledge and experience. We want to emphasize that WE DO work with the best to make sure that every step we take is the right one and leads us to transform our vision into reality.

We do execution

We can manage​ and implement large-scale R&D projects because we can seamlessly
transition from lab-scale setups to full-scale operations.

Scientific cooperation

Implementation cooperation